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Travelling Tips to Visit India

Travelling India is a cultural bewildering for the first time visitors. It is a magnificent country with numerous religions, communities and cultures, roaring cities, slow paced villages and a whole amazing experience.

To make your India Tour, a comfortable and convenient experience, please adhere to the following basic tips and simply enjoy your every trip to India

Explore the Real India

If you want to explore the real spirit of India, escape out of the crowded markets, noisy cities and centers of urbanization and move towards the smaller villages. Plan a trip to native places of Rajasthan, mountain regions of Himalayas or the silent waters of Kerala as these destinations will soothe your senses and rejuvenate you for a long time.

Women Need to Dress Decently

With relatively modest culture, dressing yourselves in descent attires is the best way to avoid any kind of unwanted attention. Women are suggested to avoid the shorts or short skirts and the tank tops. In general, it is best to have nothing too revealing or with open back or front with spaghetti straps. They can wear them in the metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi but in small cities and towns and in traditional states such as Rajasthan or Punjab wearing them is not a good idea. They can roam around in t-shits and normal fitted trousers or can go with the comfortable and free sized local outfit âSalwar Kameezâ . All of there are available throughout the country at very reasonable price.

Eat Right and Stay Healthy

To ensure good health and hygiene avoid tap water, street food, peeled salads and fruits. Always prefer mineral water and ask for less oily and less spicy food. Try to take curd with your all meals as it is a natural aid to digestion and is very supportive in tempering the spicy food.

Tipping Tips

Generally the tip is not included in the bills of hotels, restaurants and other services. In the restaurants, the standard tip is near about 10% of the bill. At the accommodation facility, tip is normally given at the time of check out and the early tip is considered as the reward of the better services.

Tips to driver: Typical tip for good service to your driver can be around 700 Rs to 1000 Rs a day. This is a minimum tip range. However, if you wish you can pay more as per their services.

Tips for âporterâ at Railway station or the one who carry your luggage falls between 50 â 100 Rs / Bag

Shop Smartly

Shopping in INDIA can be fun. Always, shop from place where you have options and varieties to choose from. Shop around to compare prices and never miss a chance to bargain in local markets. In case of handicraft items, donât hesitate to shop from government shops as they will give you the best deals of money and quality.

Also, prefer cash payments over card payments as it is more safe and convenient option that is acceptable everywhere in India.

If you want to ship your purchased goods to your country, get the receipt of shipment without any mistake. Try to buy the goods from the vendors who are specialized in arranging you the shipping to the international destinations.


The public toilet facility in India is yet not so reliable. So whenever and wherever you get the opportunity, use the clean toilet in hotels, restaurants or the railways stations and bus stands. Keep the toilet paper essentially with you. âSit or Squatâ is the phone app that helps in finding the proper toilet facility nearby you throughout the country.

Important Tip:

Help us to make India a better place to visit. We request our all guest travelers to discourage beggars everywhere. Donât encourage them by showing sympathy or giving money to them.
  • Generally the leather article such as belts and purses are not allowed in the Hindu and Jain temple premises.
  • In some temples, the Non-Hindus are not allowed. Confirm with the local tourist information center.
  • Generally, museums remained closed on Monday and the museums near the archaeological sites remain close on Fridays.
  • Summer is very hot and harsh in India. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fluids, wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen on the body.
  • Smoking in the public places is legally prohibited and the violation may cause stiff penalties.
  • The photography is not allowed in many places and in many places there is a specific amount is charged for still, video and mobile photography.
  • Though English is widely spoken and understood throughout the country. On request, the government tourism agencies and also your tour advisor can provide you the guides who can communicate in German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and many other international languages.
    Safety tips for women
    Though India is safe for the women travelers, yet it is good to follow the precautions to avoid the risks.
  • Always make a good research about the place before visiting there, including their climate, culture, acceptable dress code, food habits and other.
  • Indian society is completely different from the western world. So adjust your expectations. The free behavior, too much friendliness with unknown men and late night outing is not a good idea.
  • It is also suggested to behave confident and firm instead of being polite and warm with the people. They may be strangers, roadside vendors, beggars and many others who can use your politeness against you.
  • Donât go to the dark streets and unknown places alone. It is always good to have your tourist guide or a local along with you who can assist and safeguard your wellness.
  • Always keep your mobile phone with you. There are many apps available which can be used for getting help in any situation of emergency.
  • Try to not to draw the unwanted attention. Wear the appropriate clothes that may cover you well and behave cool and a firm is good at the public places.
    Health tips
  • Wash the fruits before eating them and prefer the peelable fruits.
  • Fresh juices are available almost all over the country bur prefer the place where you are satisfied with the cleanliness and hygiene. Coconut water is the best and the safest option.
  • Always keep a first aid box with necessary basic medicines, band aids, electrolyte salts and a mosquito repellent with you.
    Some other suggestions
  • Always keep extra photocopies of your passport and some extra photographs of yourselves for the permits, forms and emergency purposes.
  • There are no fixed fares for taxis and auto rickshaws. Instead of asking the rate card you can make a good bargain and pay according to it. The pre-paid taxi services are the best options.
  • Never carry a big amount of cash with you. Instead of it you can use the various ATMs in the big cites who accept the International cards and provide you the Indian currency.

The Visa Requirements:

  • Original passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Correct visa fee
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Supporting documents, where necessary
  • Duly completed application form

The different types of Visa and the concerning requirements

Tourist Visa
The visitors are generally granted this visa to visit India. It comes to the effectiveness from the date of issue and generally it is non-extendable and non convertible.

Business Visa
Basically approved for 3 to 6 months, this visa is granted to the business persons, technicians and other professionals who are approved by the governments of the both countries to work in India. It can be extended to the period of 2 years.

Student or employment Visa
A student with the furnished proof of admission from a recognized University or the institution in India is granted the student Visa. Same way, in the case of a foreign employee is granted the employment Visa on showing the proof of employment in Indian Company.

Transit Visa
This Visa facilitates the halts in India up to 72 hours and within the 15 days of departure. To get it a person has to present the evidence of onward travel to the specific destination is required to be presented to the relevant authority.

Entry Visa
The entry visa is granted to NRIs for the time period up to 5 years, according to the eligibility and the purpose of the applicant.
*Note: The above are just the basic information, for the details contact to the related authorities.

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