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To Discover One Divine Truth

Posted by Divided By Work But Still on March, 19, 2018

We"re all are born with this World with Biological Condition structure,Without Self Awareness.
Living with Human Devine & Conciousness,Time Becomes Timeless.
In Universe Here is 4% is Matter,21% is Dark Matter & 74% is Dark Energy so,
It is Dark Energy.In Hindu Religion it is known as "Aadi Shakti" or "Maa Shakti"(Almighty)
or we can Called God of Dark Energy to "Maa Shakti".Samya Chakra is Time Wheel(Kaal Chakra).Only
Shiva Have powar to Start it.Shiva Have Endless Energy Same as Maa Shakti and Power to Create and Distroy the Universe.
This is shiva,In Science It;s Known as Black Hole.Shivling In the Hindu Religion are same looking like this.
Now How The Universe Made By "Shiva & Maa Shakti"___________
To Start From the Kaal Chakra (Time).Shiva Need to Create the Vacuum Space in the Dark Energy.
According to "Shiv Puran" Their is Eka Dasa Rudra(1:10) in Universe.It means 10 Rudra are Made along with Universe.
In shivpurana its Mention that Rudra Have same power as shiva ,but they are work only to Destroy Galaxies,Stars and Planets.
It is Shiva Doing "Tandav" to start Big Bang (Cosmic Dance by Natraj in Black hole) .Circle Around the Natraj is Black Hole Surface.
Due To Cosmic Dance By shiva,Energy Start Vibrating.The flames come out from the surface is Matter and Distance Between the Flames is Vacuum space.
The Flame of Fire is the symbol of Matter is Called Space.This Circle is Called Time Circle ,and distance B/W Flame of fire is Vacuum Space.
God Vishnu Creates from Shiva Energy.Vishnu Able to Change their size as small as electron and as big as UNIVERSE.Because Vishnu is the Base of the Universe.
That:s Why in Hindu Religion says that Vishnu is EVERYWHERE.Bhrahma Sit on the Lotus Flower and attach with the Vishnu Nabbhi to control the Behaviour of Time Neutron,
Nucleus,Electron etc by their Universal Law of Nature.Given in the Veda & Puranas.
Shiva Energy Change into Barhma,Vishnu and Sound Ohm.Barahma Mades Forces,Fields,Thermo Dynamics& Energy Law Everything.You study in Math & Sciennce is work on the
law of Brahma.That:s is the reason Brahma Known as Creator,Without Brahma Nothing is possible.BRAHMA four Face are the Symbol of Four Vedas.
Then Rudra Which Came out from Shiva are working as a Destroyer to maintain the Balance in the Universe or To Destroy the All the UNIVERSE.
"VISHNU" is the SOUL of the GOD
"BHRAHMA" is the BRAIN of the GOD
"SHIVA" is the SOUL Maker of the GOD
The GOD is ONE.Religion only Change the Way of Prayer,Not the GOD.If you Disrespect A Religion,You Disrespect Your GOD.We are One.
Every Religion Required A "GURU"(Teacher).Which give us a Better way to do Good "KARMA".So we can get "MOKSHA".
(MOKSHA:-Release from the Cycle of Rebirth By the Law of Karma.)
Here is the Christian Guru____
_Holy Bible_
Islamic Guru____
THOUSAND OF GURU IN HINDUSIM:-(Below is the List of Most Popular Guru)
Veda Vyasa (Writter of 4 Vedas)and Mahabhartha & 18 Puranas.
Maharishi Kashyap
Mahavira Jain
Mahatma Buddh
Shridi Sai Baba
Geeta Holy Book
Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Guru Tej Bahadur
Guru Govind Singh(Creator of sikh panth)

Guru Granth Sahib (The Holy Last Book)

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