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Endless Circle Of Life Death And Rebirth

Posted by Divided By Work But Still on March, 19, 2018

Supreme Soul:-Pure Consciousness & Energy.Supreme Soul Only Can know from where creation Arisen,and
whether He has Or has not produced it.
Universe is Created,Destroyed,and Recreated in an Eternally Repetitive Series of Cycles.
Each cycle time is 8.64 Billion years.
Rig Veda:-"He who surveys it in the Highest Heavens,
He Alone Knows or Perhaps Does not Know".
Prakruti(Nature):-Nature will emerged in the world which Means Maya(Illusion).Maya is Temporary Material Reality.
SOUL:-(Atman) Comes out of Supreme Soul and Enters Maya,(Illusion).Atman is surrounded by a Physical structure.i,e.Body
"Atman" reveals itself through Consciousness.i,e.Chetna.Chetna intract with the Bodyand Body Intract with the Maya.
For Every Action "KARMA" gets generated either Possitive or Negative.Everything gets Noted in Cosmic Register to create balance
for each life.
Cought in this Vicious cycle of Life,When Body is Dead,Then Atman's gets Re-birth.Result will give "SOUL" a New life,
Gets Re-birth as one of the 6 types based on its "KARMA BALANCE":-
They get into endless Cycle of Life & Death.
Try to cut the cycle by Increasing Possitive "Karma and Reach the Supreme Soul With Your "Atman".
This is the Endless Cycle of - Life , Death & Re-Birth !!!!

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