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Death Illusion

Posted by Divided By Work But Still on March, 20, 2018

!! "Death Is Something Is Something Everyone is Scared Off. All The People Are The Scared Of Death. One Way Or Another Way ,They Are Going To Die. When Death Nears,They start Crying, So When You Embrace Death,Welcome Death, Death Will Not Comes To You. Old One Is Has To Go,For New One To Come. So This Death & Birth Is Something Like A Cycle , So We Should Not Scared Of Death. What Ever You See In This World Is illusion, This illusion Will Attract You. Some People Like Eating,Some People Like Woman, Some people Like Money ,And That That ,This. It Is All Illusion / Maya.It Is Not Permanent,It Will Change. Today We Are Wearing This And Tomorrow It May Be Not There. Everything Will Vanish One Or Another Day. So There is A lot Of Illusion /Maya. This World Is Created for Peace. We Have to Be Peace,There should Be Peace, Not Violence. Namaste _/|\_

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